James Francis Morgan  ‎(I674)‎
James Francis Morgan

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1888 Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia
Death: 26 October 1957 ‎(Age 69)‎ Sydney, Australia
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 1888 Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia

Marriage Marriage Catherine Helen Gore - 1911 ‎(Age 23)‎ Methodist Parsonage 55 Pitt Street Redfern

Death Death 26 October 1957 ‎(Age 69)‎ Sydney, Australia

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Immediate Family  (F234)
Catherine Helen Gore
1889 -


Per Julie Molloy:

Usual Residence : Lambton, Newcastle NSW Australia
Occupation : Labourer
Buried: Plot 1090 Old Catholic Section, Woronora, Sutherland, NSW, Australia

At the age of 26 on the 18th September, 1914 James Francis joined the Australian Imperial Force
to fight for the saftey on our nation in World War I. At this time both Catherine and himself resided
at Staple Street, Bexley shortly after moving to Botany Street, Carlton.

James was one of the first 500 Australian citizens to join the Australian Imperial Forces, having
Regiment Number 436.

On joining James was enlisted into the 6th Light Horse Regiment, 2nd Australian Imperial Force
and served as a Trooper from the 18.09.1914 till the 30.09.1914, he was then transfered within the
same regiment and became a Mechanical Transport Driver.
On the 14.11.1915 James was sent to Ghez-reh hospital suffering from Pneumonia. As per his
Medical Case sheet it is stated that his disease was "Influenza Africal Pnuemonia. Has been in
Maaor 10 month - came straight from Australia - has been well up to this time. For the next 55 days
James stayed in hospital until he was deemed to be well enough to join back with his regiment,
discharged 07.01.1916. At this time his rank was deemed as Lance Corporal but on the 18.04.1916
was appointed as Mustered Driver.
James served most of his time of war in France on any other ocassion it would have been a time of

exploration and wonder but for James' visit it was a time of war and death.
James moved from the 6th Light Horse Regiment on the 27.03.1916, on strenth to the 15th Field
Artillery Brigade, he then paid another visit to hospital. After being discharged from hospital James
was again taken on strength into the 5th Division Ammunition Column and fought throughout
France. Again he was transferred on strength to the 5th Div on the 07.01.1917, and again into the
3rd Army Field Atillery Brigade on the 08.02.1917.
During leave in England during 1917 James fell ill and again was admitted into hospital. This time
James was deemed to ill to return back to fight and was sent back to Australia on the H.M.A.T. ???
? whcih departed on the 16.11.1917. James was discharged from the Australian Military Forces on
the 31.01.1918 at this time he was living at "Mead" Cheswick Road, Auburn. NSW.

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Close Relatives
Family with Catherine Helen Gore
James Francis Morgan ‎(I674)‎
Birth 1888 Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia
Death 26 October 1957 ‎(Age 69)‎ Sydney, Australia
1 year
Catherine Helen Gore ‎(I634)‎
Birth 1889 24 19 Rockdale, NSW, Australia

Marriage: 1911 -- Methodist Parsonage 55 Pitt Street Redfern