Louisa Cecilia Bazalgette Lucas  ‎(I547)‎
Surname: Lucas
Given Names: Louisa Cecilia Bazalgette

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: April 1853 38 32 Rusholme, Lancashire
Death: 1950 ‎(Age 96)‎ Wokingham, Berkshire
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth April 1853 38 32 Rusholme, Lancashire

Marriage Marriage Joseph Stratton - 1892 ‎(Age 38)‎ Kensington

Death Death 1950 ‎(Age 96)‎ Wokingham, Berkshire

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Parents Family  (F50)
St John Wells Lucas
1815 - 1890
Louisa Bazalgette
1820 - 1853
St John Wells Lucas
1844 - 1871
Helen Blanche Louise Lucas
1845 - 1901
Henry Frederick Lucas
1848 - 1943
Reginald Herbert Lucas
1850 - 1872
Gerald Bazalgette Lucas
1851 - 1927
Louisa Cecilia Bazalgette Lucas
1853 - 1950

Immediate Family  (F350)
Joseph Stratton
1839 - 1917


From Richard Ellis:
In the 1881 Census she appears at 83 Sloan Street, Chelsea ‎(RG11/87, f53, p3)‎ in the household of Emma Beddley ‎(should be Baddeley)‎, widow. She is described as single, aged 26, born Lancashire, which matches your data, but is also described as 'sister'. Emma Baddeley's maiden name was Curtis ‎(or maybe Ellis, but therein lies another mystery)‎, so not obvious why she should be described as sister, or sister-in-law.

Courtesy of Harvey and Judy Colling:

Notes for Louisa Cecelia Bazalgette Lucas LUCAS
On the basis of family stories, Louisa believed she was descended from Lucas aristocracy, and extensively researched her ancestry. It is 'on record' that the Rev Francis White, Rector of Ormsby, urged a William Lucas, who had secreted himself in Lincolnshire during the Civil War, to make claim to the Baronetcy of Lucas, but he refused. This she linked to her known ancestor, William Lucas of Authorpe ‎(abt 1670 - 1720)‎, but she was unable to find any proof of the connection.
Her research was presented to the SoG as The Lucas Pedigree:
''Perhaps the most attractive collection held by the Society are two beautifully illustrated albums compiled by Miss Louise Cecilia Bazalgette Lucas Lucas. She deposited them with the Society in July 1945, together with related paperwork. The albums however were compiled sixty years earlier.
The genealogy in the albums is by modern standards undoubtedly dubious. Any doubt however about the quality of the research however is immediately overwhelmed by the visual feast: page after page of hand-coloured coats of arms or gold leaf marginalia take the breath away.
The whole point of the album however was to commemorate a family however which Miss Lucas felt had suffered generations of decline. In the introduction she wrote 'We used to be big people once, but have gone down in the world. People at whom a hundred years ago we turned up our noses, now turn up their noses at us... We had married heiresses gone mounting up to the top of fortune's wheel, and it had been well with us - But alack, in these later days we had been too well known at Epsom and Newmarket. We had been very much at home at Crockford's ‎[gambling club]‎... ‎[and]‎ had generally misbehaved ourselves, and in consequences, our many acres had passed into the hands of Manchester gents, with fat snug faces, who wage war of extermination against the letter h and use big words when little ones would have done better.' ''
...and in the history of St Nicholas Church, Little Saxham, Suffolk :
''The oak hymnboard was carved and presented in 1913 by Mrs Louise Cecelia Bazalgette Lucas Stratton, a direct descendant of Sir Thomas Lucas. She also carved the oak panelling on either side of the Lucas monument in the chancel, incorporating in the frieze on the left side, arms of Lucas, Aspall, Lucas with Kemys in pretence, Petchy and Gedding and, on the right side, those of Morieux, Lucas, Kemys quartering Griffith ap Rees, Brampton and Kemys.''

Courtesy of Harvey & Judy Colling:

Other events for Louisa Cecelia Bazalgette Lucas LUCAS

Census Living on own means, with Aunt Julia. ‎(1891, Elgin House, Drayton Gardens, Kensington)‎.
Census Visitor, age 36 ‎(recorded as sister)‎ ‎(1881, 83 Sloane St, Chelsea, London)‎.
Census Scholar, with Aunts Julia Bazalgette & her sisters. ‎(1861, 1 Brunswick Rd, Hove, Sussex)‎.

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Family with Parents
St John Wells Lucas ‎(I85)‎
Birth 1815 Louth, Lincolnshire England
Death 10 August 1890 ‎(Age 75)‎ 36 Albert St, Rugby
6 years
Louisa Bazalgette ‎(I86)‎
Birth 3 October 1820 36 24 Barningham
Death 8 May 1853 ‎(Age 32)‎ Manchester

Religious Marriage: 19 July 1841
2 years
St John Wells Lucas ‎(I1037)‎
Birth 1844 29 23 Louth
Death 1871 ‎(Age 27)‎
2 years
Helen Blanche Louise Lucas ‎(I559)‎
Birth 5 November 1845 30 25 TENBY Dyfed Wales
Death 1901 ‎(Age 55)‎ Weymouth
2 years
Henry Frederick Lucas ‎(I1038)‎
Birth 1848 33 27 Louth
Death 1943 ‎(Age 95)‎ Northampton
2 years
Reginald Herbert Lucas ‎(I1039)‎
Birth 1850 35 29 Alford
Death 14 November 1872 ‎(Age 22)‎ At Sea in Steamship "Devon"
1 year
Gerald Bazalgette Lucas ‎(I553)‎
Birth 1851 36 30 ALFORD Lincolnshire England
Death 12 December 1927 ‎(Age 76)‎ Pembury, Kent
2 years
Louisa Cecilia Bazalgette Lucas ‎(I547)‎
Birth April 1853 38 32 Rusholme, Lancashire
Death 1950 ‎(Age 96)‎ Wokingham, Berkshire
Family with Joseph Stratton
Joseph Stratton ‎(I1041)‎
Birth 1 May 1839 Clifton, Campville, Staffordshire
Death 11 January 1917 ‎(Age 77)‎ Wokingham, Berkshire
14 years

Louisa Cecilia Bazalgette Lucas ‎(I547)‎
Birth April 1853 38 32 Rusholme, Lancashire
Death 1950 ‎(Age 96)‎ Wokingham, Berkshire

Marriage: 1892 -- Kensington