Captain Thomas Edmund Holberton MC  ‎(I1212)‎
Prefix: Captain
Given Names: Thomas Edmund
Surname: Holberton
Suffix: MC

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1883 40 36 Teddington, Middlesex
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 1883 40 36 Teddington, Middlesex

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Parents Family  (F415)
Edmund Robert Holberton
1843 - 1886
Emily Gertrude Bros
1846 - 1930
Robert Francis Holberton
1873 -
Dorothea Holberton
1875 -
Richard Bartle Holberton
1876 -
Mary B Holberton
1878 -
Lt Col Philip Vaughan Holberton
1879 - 1918
Janet Holberton
1881 -
Captain Thomas Edmund Holberton MC
1883 -
Fanny Hughes Holberton
1885 -


Courtesy of Peter FitzGibbon

General Notes: Following correspondence at ­http­://­1914­-­1918­.­invisionzone­.­com­/­forums­/­lofiversion­/­index­.­php­/­t38973­.­html­

Details available in the London Gazette:
LG 4-5-1915
West Riding.
Private Thomas Edmund Holberton, from Strathcona's Horse, to be Second Lieutenant.
Dated 21st April, 1915.
LG 8-3-1919
MC Bar:
Lt. Thomas Edmund Holberton, M.C., 20th. ‎(Hants.)‎ Bde., R.H.A. ‎(EGYPT)‎, ‎(M.C.
gazetted 25th November, 1916)‎
LG 5-5-1919:
Lt. T. E. Holberton, West Riding R.H.A., to be actg. Capt. whilst comdg. a
Bty., R.H.A. ‎(T.F.)‎. 22nd.Nov. 1918.
LG 11-7-1917:
2nd Lt. ‎(temp. Lt.)‎ T. E. Holberton, M.C., with- precedence as from 1st June 1916. 5th
Aug. 1916.
Don't know if you have both MC citations so:
MC ‎(LG 25-11-1916)‎ :
2nd Lt. ‎(temp. Lt.)‎ Thomas Edmund Holberton, R.H.A.
For conspicuous gallantry in action. He directed fire and repaired telephone lines, under
heavy fire, although twice thrown down by high explosive shells.
MC Bar ‎(LG 4-10-1919)‎ :
Lt. Thomas Edmund Holberton, M.C., 20th ‎(Hants.)‎ Bde,, R.H.A. ‎(EGYPT)‎
For gallant services on the 23rd September, 1918, at Makhadet El Naj. The battery, 'being
in action in the open, came under very heavy fire from a concealed enemy battery; he was ordered temporarily to retire the gunners from the position, which he did with coolness in good order. It became necessary, however, to re-open fire, and he immediately led the men back to the guns and the battery re-opened fire at once, thus enabling a cavalry
regiment to obtain their objective and occupy the ford. He did good work.
‎(M.C. gazetted 25th November, 1916.)‎

Holberton was awarded the MC in Egypt and his citation is in the London Gazette on 4 Oct 1919.
Captain Thomas Edward Holbertson, MC*, RHA
Born in 1882
Educated at Shrewsbury School from Easter 1897 to 1901 and at Pembroke College, Cambridge where he received a BA in 1904
Assistant Master at Holmwood, Formby
from 1904-1908 Assistant Master at Emstree from 1908 to 1911 Enlisted as a Trooper in the Inns of Court OTC Squadron ‎(Regt. No. 394)‎ on 31 Mar 09
Discharged on 3 Apr 11
Emigrated to Canada in 1911
Served as Assistant Master at St. Wilfred's School at Seaford from 1911 to 1914
Trooper, Strathcona's Horse from 1914-1915
2nd Lieut, West Riding Brigade, RHA TF 20 Apr 1915
Lieutenant in 1916
Acting Captain in 1918
Served with the 1/1st Hants, RHA in the Egyptian Expedition Force in Palestine and Syria from 1915-1918

At Romani on 4 August 1916 2nd Lieut. Holbertson replaced Lt Howkins ‎(who had been killed by shellfire at the observation post)‎ as Forward Observation Officer. At 10:45 "Lieutenant Holbertson and and the signallers withdrew from Observation Post 6, after six time renewing communications with the Battery under heavy fire." ‎(This may be the
action for which he received the MC.)‎

At Tell es Sarem on 23 Sept 18 "The Battery was bought into action as soon as possible and came into action directly, opening fire upon an enemy battery in a semi-covered
position on the east bank at a range of 5,500 yards. Contact was arranged with the O.C. 29th Lancers. Almost as soon as the Battery opened fire, the Turks brought a heavy gun
to bear upon it with great accuracy, and being in full view, and there being no possible cover to be obtained within effective range of the enemy, it was deemed advisable to retire
the detachments from the guns. This was done under Lieut. T. E. Holbertson with great calmness." ‎(Appears to be the action for which he received his Bar to the MC.)‎
Sources: Shrewsbury School Register, Vol. 1, 1798-1908; Shrewsbury School Roll of Service 1914-1918; Pembroke College, Cambridge War List 1914-1918; The War List of the University of Cambridge 1914-1918; The Inns of Court O. T. C.
during the Great War; History of the 1/1st Hants Royal Horse Artillery during the Great War, 1914-1919.

Noted events in his life were:
• He resided in 1891 in Minton Villa, Church Stretton,
Shropshire.337 Aged 8. Scholar. Born Teddington, Middlesex
• He resided in 1901 in Kingsland, St Julian Parish, Shrewsbury,
Salop.347 Aged 18. Single. Born Teddington, Middlesex
• He resided in 1911 in Elstree Prep School, Edgware,
Middlesex.349 Aged 28. Single. Born Teddington, Middlesex
• He worked as a Schoolmaster Assistant in 1911 in Elstree Prep School, Edgware, Middlesex.349

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Family with Parents
Edmund Robert Holberton ‎(I1205)‎
Birth 1843 Hampton, Middlesex
Death 1886 ‎(Age 43)‎ KINGSTON UPON THAMES Surrey England
4 years
Emily Gertrude Bros ‎(I1173)‎
Birth 14 July 1846 42 41 St James, Piccadilly, London
Death 1930 ‎(Age 83)‎ Headington, Oxfordshire

Marriage: 12 October 1872 -- St James, Westminster, London
3 months
Robert Francis Holberton ‎(I1206)‎
Birth 1873 30 26 Teddington, Middlesex
2 years
Dorothea Holberton ‎(I1207)‎
Birth 1875 32 28 Teddington, Middlesex
1 year
Richard Bartle Holberton ‎(I1208)‎
Birth 1876 33 29 Twickenham, Middlesex
2 years
Mary B Holberton ‎(I1209)‎
Birth 1878 35 31 Teddington, Middlesex
1 year
Lt Col Philip Vaughan Holberton ‎(I1210)‎
Birth 1879 36 32 Twickenham, Middlesex
Death 26 March 1918 ‎(Age 39)‎ Achiet-le-Grand, near Arras, France
2 years
Janet Holberton ‎(I1211)‎
Birth 1881 38 34 Teddington, Middlesex
2 years
Captain Thomas Edmund Holberton MC ‎(I1212)‎
Birth 1883 40 36 Teddington, Middlesex
2 years
Fanny Hughes Holberton ‎(I1213)‎
Birth 1885 42 38 Teddington, Middlesex